Sunday, January 20, 2013

Walt Disney Family Museum Mercandise

There really is not much special merchandised offered at the museum to go along with the Snow White exhibit, that are specifically for the exhibit.  The museum does have some collectibles that are only available at the museum that are Snow White related.
There are 3 posters that are specific for the exhibit.  There is also a red one featuring a close up of Snow White and a purple one featuring the Hag.  These three posters are the only things to actually feature the exhibit.

Front Side
Back Side



Member's monthly button program featured Snow White art in December.  Postcard was free to anyone at museum with a trivia section to fill in for members.

This is displayed in the exhibit.

While not special for the exhibit, this is one of the few merchandise pieces with Snow White and the Walt Disney Family  Museum Logo.  They also had a small trinket box that features Snow White and the logo.

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