Saturday, February 4, 2012

It's a book...or is it?

For the holidays this year, I got several Disney history books.  I, in fact, have quite a bit of reading to do.  One of the books I received was the Disney A to Z encyclopedia.  I was quite surprised to receive a copy of this book: I love this book, but I have two copies of it at home.  So, I was surprised to see it as a gift.

But then, I began the think, wait, this doesn't feel right, it feels too light for a book this size.  And lo and behold, it was in fact a book box.  My family sent a copy to Takota Wood and the artist turned it into a book box!  Knowing my love for Snow White the artist had taken that specific page  for the inside of the book.  What a very unique and cool gift!

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